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The “instrumentation” comes from the word instrument or equipment. Where specifically instrumentation is a field of expertise related to the development of equipment, especially equipment for measurement and control.

In this study program, students will study among other things, the fields of materials (sensors and actuators), analog and digital electronics, microcontroller and computer devices (hardware and software), optical systems (lenses, fiber optics, modern optical devices), mechanical systems and penumatic), as well as how signals/information must be processed using hardware and software.

By studying these knowledge and skills, students will understand how an instrument works, design and implement an instrument for measurement or control for applications in the health sector (monitoring equipment and health therapy), industry (monitoring and controlling industrial processes), the environment (measurement environmental parameters) and other fields.

So student who graduates from the Instrumentation will have adequate theoretical and practical knowledge and skills and will be equipped to work according to their skills, or can continue to a higher level of education (Masters).